UNI Data

Win with knowledge

Get ahead of the competition by making trading decisions based on accurate market data. Use our technology to analyze more than 1 million diamonds, and see exactly what's happening in the market in real-time.

Track the market.

Follow diamond price changes in different categories and optimize your pricing based on real-time data.

Focus on specific segments relavant to your business

See price changes up to 1 year back

Identify items that better perform in the market

See what's coming.

Accurately schedule your purchases and sales with supply and demand information for your segment.

Monitor daily changes in supply and demand

Easily discover trends on specific items by inserting a GIA certificate number

Get more options.

Buy smarter by evaluating what's currently traded in the market.

Access 1.3M+ stones from hundreds of top sellers, at aggregated discounts

Identify business opportunities to buy stones that match your needs

Get stones from every vendor delivered to your door by our partner Malca Amit

It's all in the detail.

Advanced search & filtering capabilities including, specific inclusions and stone measurements.

Narrow your searches to focus on specific parameters

You can even filter by stones with cluster or shade.

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