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The UNI accounts team

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UNI's accounts team is always on hand to help you achieve your business objectives. From driving sales to stock maintenance, UNI has your business covered.

Dedicated accounts manager

Technical support

Stock maintenance

Increase sales

Reach a global audience

One platform.
A world of buyers.

From day one, you'll get access to hundreds of leading retailers, and wholesalers across the world. List your diamonds in minutes, and use accurate supply and demand information to increase margins. Let us handle the rest. Did we mention it's always free to sell diamonds with UNI?

Reach new customers, effortlessly

Supply and demand analysis

A marketplace of ready buyers

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The simplest, fastest diamond trading platform

Real-time market intelligence at your fingertips

Cost-effective, no hidden fees

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How does it work?

Sell to top buyers
worldwide, at no cost.

Selling diamonds has never been easier. Using our platform, you'll get access to hundreds of buyers from across the world. Use our real-time data to address current market demands. Price your stones, list them in minutes, and thanks to our partnership with Malca Amit, we also take care of the logistics and liabilities cover. The best part? It's free to sell with UNI.

Price it

Track supply & demand information in real time, and price your stones based on pricing trends.

List it

See pricing trends for similar stones and make insightful decisions.

Leave it to us

We manage the shipping and returns on your behalf, at no cost. Manage all your orders from one place.

Sell it

Congratulations! You’ve sold your first diamond with UNI. It’s really that simple.

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Embrace data

Amplify your diamond
sales with data.

Selling diamonds has never been simpler. UNI’s real-time market data gives you instant access to pricing analysis, supply and demand trends, and a holistic view of the market. Price competitively, list your stock at the right time, and increase sales.

Why choose UNI?

No catch. Just facts.


Registering is fast, simple, and free. Instant access to market data and buyers.


Put your stock in front of top retailers from all over the world, easily and quickly.


We handle the shipping and liabilities cover for free via our partner, Malca Amit.


No hidden fees, or charges, ever.

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