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From powerful market data and apps, to free expert services, next day delivery, and an online marketplace with over 1.3 million stones to choose from, UNI gives you the confidence to succeed in 2023. Come and see it for yourself.

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Who are we?

Hi, we're UNI.

A data and technology company, we exist to make the lives of jewellery professionals simpler with a smart marketplace, powerful market data, intelligent solutions, and expert services.

Buying with confidence happens when everything runs like the precision engineering in a Swiss watch. This is what we do. We seamlessly provide our retail customers with everything they need to run their business, leaving them to do what they do best: sell.

Here's how we can help you sell more diamonds.

The smartest marketplace.

Browse over 1 million diamonds from top sellers. Buy or memo, and get them shipped to your door the next day - for free. We can even connect to your existing systems, for maximum convenience.

Killer retailer app.

Use the augmented reality feature to show your clients the stone on their neck, ear, or finger. Use our Rarity Index to get them excited about how special their stone is.

Market data.

Use our real-time market data when purchasing stones to ensure you always pay the right price. We track the prices and supply and demand trends of over 1 million diamonds.

Top notch services.

Get all the support you need from a dedicated account manager. Address any issue, any time. Our gemologists QC your stones free of charge.


We couldn't say it better.

“UNI has simplified the whole memo process, is effortless to sell on, and is the best experience we've had.”

Bill Nanfeldt

Mark Peter's Diamond Designs

The really good news? It's 100% free!

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Yes, buying diamonds on our platform is totally free - including shipping and returns.

You only pay when your customer buys the stone

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