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Over 1 million diamonds
at your fingertips.

Built by diamond professionals, for diamond professionals. Join hundreds of top sellers and buyers, get access to sophisticated tools, and benefit from real-time updates that assure accuracy and availability.

  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Transact instantly
  • Updated in real-time
  • Free to use
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Professional Services

Years of experience
at your service.

We take care of the back office and logistics, saving you time and money. And, our partnership with Malca Amit means shipping, and liabilities cover are 100% guaranteed.

  • Super-fast, free delivery
  • Free liabilities cover
  • Traceable shipping
  • Expert QC included
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Market Data

Boost your profitability
with real-time data.

Get pragmatic information about the diamond market, including pricing, supply and demand, and tradability, all in real-time. Price your stones to maximize profits.

  • Accurate prices for diamonds
  • Historic data
  • Supply and demand trends
  • Diamond comparison
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Sell anywhere

Powerful apps that turn your phone into a unstoppable, portable selling machine.

  • UNI Diamonds The UNI marketplace at your fingertips.
  • UNI Retailer The UNI platform, in store with your brand and prices.
  • UNI Pricer Fast diamond price checking.
  • UNI Diamonds AR Let your customers try before they buy.
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Seamlessly connect your existing system to our API and instantly supersize your offering with over 1.3 million stones.

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